The EAAB Logbook Workshop

The EAAB Log-Book need not be the stuff nightmares are made of!

The EAAB Log-Book need not be the stuff nightmares are made of! Help is a right click away!!  Let us get you through the entire process with your sense of humour intact and not with your bank balance in the red!

 It will never ger any better than this!

Quality support – excellent response time and world class training – join us as we journey through the EAAB Logbook and all the sections from PART 1  Admin through to PART 3 - The Projects and everywhere in between!

 Enjoy a complete guide on ow to get your Logbook done in no time! This workshop is split into 3 X 90 MIN contact sessions in the comfort of your own home or Office at half the price. Our Logbook Workshop will take you through the entire process step by step. We cover each section of the Logbook with you in thorough detail. We will guide you through each Project with a detailed list of the evidence you will need! 

 We will provide you with the following resources:

·     Skills Development for Africa Logbook learner Guide

·      Examples of how to complete the various sections

·      Examples of UP TO DATE evidence

·      A detailed list of the Evidence that can be used from your day to day working as an Intern Estate Agent

What a few of our Agents have to say about Skills Development for Africa Logbook Workshops:  (please visit our testimonials which are updated weekly)

I am very pleased with the assistance from Ashley is giving me during the logbook sessions – I appreciate the fact that if I do second guess myself – that I can ask her opinion and she can guide me or let me know if I am following the process correctly! I also like the way she keeps us on our toes during or on line sessions – and that she keeps reminding me not to overthink what I am doing and to keep it simple. I now look forward to ‘bonding’ with my logbook file and I don’t see it as much as a horror – Thank you Ashley

Debbie Bouwer – Blake Realtors – Randburg – Sept 2019