Lead Generation & Prospecting

He who controls the Stock - Controls the Market

Lead Generation is about Networking - and Prospecting - nothing more and nothing less!


In today’s progressive and changing real estate environment you need to make sure that you can present the marketplace with a vast portfolio of well-priced properties in order to attract the best buyers pool and the one sure way of making this happen; is by generating quality leads and converting them into FOR SALE listings!


There are a few agents who will tell you that they have never canvassed for new listings – it’s against their value system. However; for the majority of estate agents out there – canvassing – generating leads – converting leads – networking is indeed the best way to grow your portfolio and establish yourself as a leading agent in the area!


In this workshop – we take you through the entire cycle of LEAD GENERATION.  Starting with the RESOURCES you need when it comes to databases and up to date information (including the POPI ACT). We guide you through the steps of canvassing itself – live canvassing sessions that are done for you and with you, so that you have a solid and strong point of reference in this very important DIRECT INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY! 


Known as one of the best workshops in the Industry today – and worth every dime – so book your seat and enjoy the morning with us as we teach you all the ins and outs of PROSPECTING! If you suffer from ‘Caller Reluctance’ – then this is the ONE workshop you cannot afford to miss! Let us break down the barriers and get you to POINT A with ease and confidence!!


Who should attend this workshop?


  • Any AGENT who wants to experience the true potential of this DIRECT INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY
  • Personal Assistants/Managers
  • Intern Agents – Rookie Agents

What participants have to say about LEAD GENERATION©


“This session showed me how important it is to push through and stay focused on the task at hand! Once I started making the calls – I found that people actually have no problem speaking to you!” Ella & Karen – Team Mitchell - Pretoria


“Ashley – thank you for taking the lead and making the calls for us today – you shared so much, showed so much and it is true the anxiety we feel is unnecessary! Thank you!

Samantha Coletti – Sandton