The Listing and Exclusive Sole Mandate

The Difference between a sterling presentation and a mediocre one is the result you end up with!!

From the Listing to the Exclusive Sole Mandate Presentation© - this short but comprehensive workshop will take you through each stage from the listing to the Exclusive Mandate in meaningful detail.


From the REAL benefits to the seller to your overall presentation; this workshop covers the KEY AREAS with perfect precision!  The listing appointemnt is THE window of opportunity for any estate agent! When you get to meet the seller you have but a few minutes to make her believe that you are the only agent she will need to get the job done!


How you present yourself 

Your Value Add                                  

Your Marketing Package                                           

The Market Place                                                           

The Value of the Property itself                                       


All of the above will ultimately determine how you move forward towards the next Chapter which is The Marketing Plan


When meeting the seller to secure the exclusive sole mandate and present the valuation, many agents fall short at this very critical junction – and for valid reasons.


There are those who rush blindly to meet the seller and carry out the listing appointment BUT without adequate preparation – and then there are those who do the groundwork diligently – but fall from grace when it comes to the actual Exclusive Mandate because they cannot manage the conversation as they need to and to make matters worse - they lack the conviction and determination to see this last stage through to the final round.


This workshop will guide you carefully through each hurdle! It will redefine your strategy and equip you with a formidable skill-set so that you have the confidence and presence to realize that a bend in the road is not the end of the road! 


 Who should attend: 

All Estate Agents – Intern or Full Status - Sales Managers and even the Broker Owner will benefit from this informative and valuable workshop!