From the NQF L 4/5 to 3 Hour POWER sessions - we have got you covered!!

We have prepared a comprehensive MENU of Real Estate Programs designed to take you through the real estate environment in sequential order. Just as you would carry out your daily activities in order to get the job done and the SOLD board up! 

Please visit our Menu and select a program or 2 or 3 that you feel will benefit you!

We have made it our business to offer you the BEST training and coaching in the country at the most ridiculous prices because we care and because we can!! 

We come to you - or you join us on Zoom - and we are super excited to add that we are about to offer our valued agents a fabulous E-LEARNING platform that will offer you access for 5 days which is more than enough time to empower yourself in the comfort of your own home while you listen to our podcasts! 



NQF L 4 & 5

If you are interested in getting your NQF L 4 OR 5 done and have us be your facilitator then look no further! Drop me an email and we will get you registered with 2 of South Africa's coolest Accredited Training Providers in no time.