RPL - NQF L 4 - SAQA ID 59097

The RPL Qualification is a for the Estate Agent who has sufficient experience!

The RPL Qaulification in Real Estate is available for the estate agent who has experience as an estate agent - has been practising as an estate agent and who is in possession of a CURRENT FFC. The service provider will complete a diagnostic assessment in order to make the best decision for the estate agent. 

The Project Plan for the RPL Qualification is made up of 6 x 1 HR ONLINE sessions throughout the program. Because we have less contact sessions - the cost of the RPL version is far less than the FULL Qualification. (R4500 vs R7500) 

Just as in the Full Qualification; there are 3 Learning Units that make up the entire NQF L 4 Real Estate qualification framework. The project plan that we have deisnged for RPL will clearly outline the submission date and the contact session dates so that everyone is aware of the time line and they can arrange their work schedules accordingly. 

The fundamental difference between the Full Qualification and the RPL Qualification is that when doing the RPL version - the ENTIRE Portfolio Guide is submitted for assessment at the end of the program! We do not submit per learning unit. 

The RPL option also requires that the estate agent has access to a reliable WIFI connection as he/she will be joining a group of agents throughout the country every week for the duration of the program. The sessions are recorded as an extra value add for our agents. An attendance register must be signed at the start of each sessions prior to participation.  (attendence registers are compulsory).

NB: Besides the recording of the session that the agent can go back to for a 2 week period - we also have a dedicated Whatsapp Group and this has proven to be a great support system over the years as it allows the agents and the facilitator to communicate on matters relating to the qualification and the Portfolio Guide. 


The Facilitator is an active professional and licensed estate agent - someone who has been in the industry since 1997 so you are in safe and caring hands!

For the RPL course - no material is printed by the service provider. The Learner Guide - Resource Guide and the Portfolio Guide for each LEARNING UNIT is emailed to the agent. An agent may decide to print the Leaner Guide or use them directly from their laptops. The Portfolio Guides may be completed on Laptops and this is how most of the estate agent complete their Qualification. 

The agent will be required to POST their entire completed Portfolio Guide to the Assessor (through the Service Provider)

Make 100% certain that you have a SAVED COPY of all your work on an external hard-drive or icloud! The service provider or Facilitator or Service Seta are not responsible should the Portfolio Guide be lost along the way. 

No matter which option is preferrable - please be aware that the agent will have a PROJECT PLAN available and there will be submission deadlines for each Learning Unit.  Our objective is to make sure that our agents complete the qualification in the allocated time with all the help and support they need and that they are found COMPETENT! 

Should you need any further information - please feel free to contact Ashley 082 559 0265