Introduction to Real Estate

The Game Changer - The ONLY way to get ready for this exciting Industry!


We wrote this program in 2002 and over the years  during many many training sessions we have fine tuned our content - as we have experienced FIRST HAND; the changes in our landscape - from the power of technology - ONLINE Marketing - Creative Consumerism - to the importance of Effective communication in Real Estate specifically! Too many people become estate agents only many experience the disillusion and dissappointment after psending the 1st 6 months drifting aimlessly without any direction or drive! Most principals are too busy to give the new agent the time and training they need to get the job done! We have flagged the GAP - and with this powerfully informative, current and comprehensive program you will be streets ahead in Real Estate becasue our agents are handed the entire Real Estate Cycle in a Platter!!


This full course focuses on the key areas of Real Estate and is designed to guide you through each area in sequential order as you would your daily activities as an estate agent! This workshop/course was written by Ashley herself and is constantly revised and aligned to the latest Unit Standards which form part of the SAQA Qualification 59097. Introduction to Real Estate© is an extremely comprehensive and compelling course and without doubt one of the BEST real estate workshops available today!


 From the facilitator; “As a new-comer to the world of Real Estate this course presents you with the perfect foundation/introduction and provides you with all the tools required to become a very successful and VERY competent estate agent!


Enjoy 3 days of INTERACTIVE training that will cover every area of this exciting Industry as you would from DAY 1. From understanding the EAAB - Your NQF 4 or 5 - The PDE Exam - the EAAB LOGBOOK to the IMPORTANCE of EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - The SPECIFIC marketing plan - Building Relationships with every client - The POWER of REFERRALS - Qualifiying the Buyer - The OBJECTIONS in Real Estate - How to overcome them and create opportunities in every situation!! 


Course Outline 


  • The EAAB
  • RPL AND NQF L4/5
  • The PDE Examination
  • Real Estate & SARS
  • The MAJOR Stakeholders in the Real Estate Industry
  • The Resources used in Real Estate
  • What you need to become an Estate Agent
  • Your PERSONAL Campaign
  • Canvassing/Finding the Property
  • The Listing Appointment
  • The Exclusive Sole Mandate
  • MARKETING the Property
  • Dealing with the Buyer
  • The Offer to Purchase
  • Your Commission
  • Service after the SALE
  • The Documents used in Real Estate
  • Overcoming the REAL Objections in Real Estate
  • Effective Communication