Effective Communication

Effective Communication in Real Estate©” will introduce you to the meaning of ‘walk your talk’ in ways you never thought possible!

Anyone who knows – will tell you that owning the sharpest Skill Set in Real Estate is without doubt the defining factor amongst Top Producers in this Industry today! 


 This workshop may give you a sense of discomfort – even liberation – but the one thing it will without doubt give you; is the powerful drive and determination to level the playing fields and settle a few scores – and that’s ok – as long as the reckoning starts with you – first!


Understanding the INCREDIBLE impact of effective communication in Real Estate is a door opener second to none! Every day is a new opportunity in this Industry – so join me as I show you how to build rock solid relationships with your sellers and your buyers from the day you meet to the day you close!! Become a respected negotiator from the listing appointment to the transfer and at every turn in between because ultimately – who wants to deal with a “waffler”? If you cannot manage the way you communicate with Clients - If you are  not getting the results you need to time and time again - book your seat today and let us show you how you can turn the tide and enjoy every Opportunity that comes your way! 


Have you ever asked yourself "what did I just achieve in this meeting?"

Have you experienced yourself waffling simply to keep the conversation going?

Do you skirt around critical issues for fear of the negative reply?


It took me many many years to understand and appreciate the role and VALUE of effective communication in Real Estate. By my own admission I had to learn the hard way!


So now is the hour - contact me for a chat and lets get you back in your lane!  Ashley 082 559 0265.    

Help is a right click away!


Join the New Era of Estate Agent – take ownership of where you are now and put yourself first and start the journey towards personal power and success!