Real Estate 101 - The Real Estate Spin Cycle

The Real Estate Spin Cycle - Current - Fast Paced and suitable for any Agent who needs FRESH PERSPECTIVE!

Known as the FAST FORWARD workshop – Real Estate 101 is a comprehensive reminder and summary of what our Industry is about! It is the perfect ‘pick me upper’

 Understanding precisely what is expected of you in the real estate environment will not only improve your results and provide you with the Blue Print to success – but it will also sharpen your Skill-Set so that you are able to identify the RESOURCES available and at the same time become RESOURCEFUL!


Real Estate 101 is Rocket Fuel   It is CURRENT – this is a presentation that comes with all the bells and whistles! From LEAD GENERATION – TO LEAD CONVERSION – Live canvassing marathons on request – understanding the reasons WHY you are not achieving your true potential – and then planning the way ahead with renewed knowledge – commitment - energy and drive to get the results you deserve!   Our Industry is not for the meek or the mild – every day brings us new opportunities and challengers! Join us for an empowering morning as you too realize that it is possible to become part of the 20% earning 80% of the money!






How to build you listing portfolio


What are the RESOURCES you have available?


How to become RESOURCEFUL


The Listing Appointment






Valuating the Property - Pricing is everything! 


Overcoming the REAL Objections in during the EXCLUSIVE MANDATE PRESENTATION


The POWER of a personal endorsement


Communication is EVERYTHING


The Marketing Plan


The Offer – Transactional Management


Who Should Attend Real Estate 101


·       Any AGENT who is believes in MORE


·       Interns who can keep up with the pace


·       Team Leaders – Office Managers


What participants have to say about Real Estate 101©


“Excellent seminar – connecting the dots has given me greater confidence that ever!”

Courtney MooreSandton JHB


 “I needed to get myself back on track again. This is the worst market I have ever experienced but you made me realize that all we need to do is adjust our sails and our pace and communicate better – thank you for my skill-set Ashley!!”  

Megan Du Preeze – Cape Town


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