Breaking Barriers in Real Estate

There is no need to fear the objection! This workshop will guide you through the scenario's - it will teach you the purpose of the objection - so that you are able to find the opportunity and work with it!!

I am of the firm belief that every estate agent has at one or other time in his/her career experienced the shock and disbelief of a strong objection no matter how trivial it may have presented itself. Objections in any shape or form have the ability to unsettle even the best performing agent. Breaking Barriers in Real Estate is an advanced workshop that deals with these barriers of rejection on a multitude of levels.  


Understanding the purpose of an objection and how to deal with one is the 1st Step to Success in Real Estate. In this workshop we take you through the different scenarios of objections and show you how to identify the opportunity that presents itself so that you are able to negotiate your way through the barrier!  We remind you that it is acceptable to experience doubt or fear as long as you do not allow it to define you! Breaking Barriers is the one topic that marries itself beautifully with Time Management and Discipline


The Real Estate Industry can be a very rewarding one – both financially and emotionally. It allows you the independence and liberty to achieve greatness. In order to reach your goals and objectives – you must learn and appreciate the important of EQ. Some of greatest salesmen that are referred to in the books we read – were not highly academic yet they possessed an even greater skill; an outstanding EQ - the ability to overcome an emotional barrier through commitment - communication and discipline.


INSTOPPABLE  - un-stop-pa-able

Bring unstoppable is not what you do – it is who you are. Occasionally you experience doubt or fear, but you refuse to be defined by it.

If you stumble – look for the lesson, if you hit an unexpected detour, look for the adventure. Take responsibility for your choices because with ownership comes freedom. Direct your energy towards creating your destiny – this will make you unstoppable.