Show Time

Ready Steady SHOW.......

As an Estate Agent, SHOW DAYS may not be your favourite past time…..

However, while you are in the business of selling property – there is no way of escaping the sacrificial “SHOW DAY”!   TIME IS MONEY and we should never be wasting either!

The Show House is the time to “open shop” It gives you the ideal opportunity of showing your new listing off to the public and finding those potential buyers! During this time – (usually from 15h00 to 17h00) you are exposed to a whole range of possibilities! Some great and some not so great! Some downright terrible! Let us guide you through the process as you prepare for the SHOW DAY! From the BASIC presentation of the Property to the way you should be connecting with the Buyers - making sure that the Seller is always your main priority! 

SHOW TIME© is a thorough real estate workshop that will provide you with endless ways and opportunities that WHEN put to use are guaranteed to make your SHOW DAYS worth your time and your Clients time! Maximise the Show Day - work with the Buyers you meet and create endless opportunities by Networking like a REAL PROFESSIONAL! 

 Who should attend this workshop?

  • Any AGENT who is serious about their SHOW DAYS!
  • The Show House Sitters/Personal Assistants
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Intern Agents – Rookie Agents