Real Estate Coaching

'If you find yourself in a RUT - Don't furnish it!'

Real Estate Coaching with Skills Development for Africa allows you the exclusive opportunity to enjoy a 4-week session over a 1-month period with a trained and experienced Real Estate Coach! Our LIVE ON LINE sessions are scheduled from 15h30 to 17h00 on weekdays allowing you to plan around your busy day with ease.

Getting you back in 1st gear and earning serious money in Real Estate is a simple 2 step process; complete our ENROLMENT FORM – share a little of your history with us - let us know what your weak areas are – and remember we have all been there! We will then prepare a coaching program specifically for you and teach you all you need to know or be reminded of in our Industry.

Ashley is known not only for her vast experience in the real estate industry and her sharp skillset but for her enduring support and genuine care towards her fellow agents – especially when they have hit a brick wall and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel!

In her own words:

The Real Estate Industry is one of the greatest teachers I have ever come across. Just when you think you know it all – and you have it all under control – the wheels come off the bus and you are shown all 4 corners of the room with very little mercy! The highs are incredibly victorious, but the lows can be devastating. There are a few top ups that need to be added on to your highly polished skill-set if you wish to become a successful Estate Agent in today’s competetive environment.  Access to cutting edge technology is essential - and it is more than just the access; todays agent must appreciate the value of this technology and how it impacts on the entire real estate process overall.  Furthermore as the agent - you should be able to add a social value to the overall experience from Day 1. This requires a deep respect for extra-ordinary customer service because this will ulitmately define you. Over and above these cornerstones; you must be incredibly resourceful!

Our coaching sessions are highly informative – up to date and empowering! We will provide you with a SOLID foundation and all the skills you need to move forward swiftly and change your life around!

Give yourself the break you need and deserve for yourself – Contact Ashley 082 559 0265 for more information